Could Uterine Fibroids Be Affecting Your Weight?

Date : May 9, 2016 |
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Fibroid Weight

A common symptom of uterine fibroids is unexplained weight gain or enlargement of the abdomen. Fibroids can range in size, from as small as a pinhead to larger than a melon. The larger the fibroid, the more weight it contains as some have been reported weighing more than 20 pounds. It is not uncommon for some women to complain of having a pregnant-like belly from their fibroids.

Hormonal Triggers

Uterine fibroid growth is known to be stimulated by your body’s hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Health care professionals have noted a link between being overweight and developing fibroids. Excess abdominal fat can trigger the overproduction of estrogen, which could make you more susceptible to fibroids and their associated symptoms. The US department of Health and Human services has stated the risk of uterine fibroids is two to three times greater in women who are obese.


Other Common Issues with Fibroids

Weight gain may also be inadvertent, as other fibroid symptoms such as pain, pressure, and excessive bleeding may force women to limit their physical activity. The heavy irregular bleeding can lead to anemia and exhaustion due to the loss of iron contained in the blood.


Women who have fibroids may possibly experience anxiety with the chronic discomfort and symptoms. Combining anxiety with overall fatigue could lead to more gain weight from increased food consumption and the lack of exercise.


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